Mission & Goals



The mission of the UIUC Salaam Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Cultural Center is to inspire holistic student growth and development by fostering the development of intercultural citizens and global stewards through an inclusive and humanistic appreciation and understanding of a borderless Middle Eastern and North African peoples, communities, and cultures, defined by themselves for themselves outside of colonial-filtered narratives.


  • Support the success, inclusion, and belonging of those who identify with and want to learn more about MENA.
  • Create a home for a borderless MENA and their global diasporas as a haven to explore their multi-layered identities.
  • Promote safe spaces for all UIUC-registered student organizations, students, faculty, and staff, particularly the diverse MENA underrepresented populations.
  • Develop critical intercultural awareness and civil intercultural exchange that fosters intercultural sensitivity.
  • Provide MENA-oriented leadership training, safe spaces, resources, events, workshops, conferences, and cultural experiences.
  • Facilitate in-person and virtual community-based experiential learning that represents, includes, and humanizes all MENA peoples, communities, and cultures.
  • Partner with organizations and individuals on campus, locally, nationally, and internationally, to achieve common goals.
  • Develop an alumni network that creates opportunities for community engagement, mentorship, and support.
  • Aid, support, and partner with stakeholders interested in creating MENA cultural centers at their respective colleges and universities.